Our goal is to serve the senior executive, emerging talent, and professional needs of our clients.


We believe that the executive and leadership recruitment and assessment sector has gone through a state of inflexion.The art of recruitment is based on an ability to help clients find the greatest talent for their specific need. As seasoned executive recruiters we recognized a need to adapt our model to include the provisioning of Contract Technology & Related Recruitment Services.


We have taken the proven practices that we have developed and devised a unique approach. Although the implementation model varies from our traditional recruitment service, the end result remains the same – the placement of exceptional talent.


We are able to engage, recruit, and implement entire Teams and/or Highly Specialized Individual Contributors needed on a short to medium term basis.


Areas of Specialization include:

• Interim CTO/CIO Placements

• Contract Technology Developers

• Contract Technology Architects

• Contract BI Professionals

• Contract Governance/Risk/ & Compliance Officers