We deploy the same executive recruitment methodology when looking for world class executives for short-term mandates. Our placements have maximum impact during their time with our clients.
We understand that Contract Developers are in greater demand as Technology Development has evolved into a dynamic and fluid function. We are skilled at finding the best talent for companies working on high impact/highly specific projects.
Architects are the visionaries behind any successful project. We are adept at understanding our clients’ objectives and we know how to recruit the right leaders to provide the vision around those goals.
As “Big Data” continues to drive Business Intelligence (BI) the need for BI Professionals has led to a great demand in the market. We have tapped into a great source of talent in this area and are ready to help our clients deploy the best talent for short, medium, or long term projects.
With the rise of Corporate and Governmental Regulations, (GRC) Technology is rapidly emerging as an embedded requirement for all companies regardless of size or industry. We have converged our expertise in Legal & Compliance Search and Technology Recruitment while helping our clients meet the demands of today’s highly regulated corporate environment.


The art of recruitment is based on an ability to help clients find the greatest talent for their specific need


As seasoned executive recruiters we recognized a need to adapt our model to include the provisioning of Contract Technology & Related Recruitment Services. We have taken the proven practices that we have developed and devised a unique approach.




Our CanAm Technology practice provides Top Canadian Talent to US companies. When building teams we partner with our sister company Aikinu Inc. to offer full service staffing capabilities including payroll provisioning and other related services.


Our clients get the same financial benefits from global outsourcing while not sacrificing the operational consistency that often gets strained under traditional outsourced relationships outside of North America.


We call it NORTH SOURCING. Canada has some of the top ranked engineering schools in North America, including: University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, Western University, University of British Columbia, McGill University, Queen’s University, Simon Fraser University, and University of British Columbia. Operational advantages include: common language and culture; matching time zones; and geographic proximity which makes the team far more accessible.



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