Our commitment to excellence is rooted in the following tenets: 1) We believe that human capital should be seen as a profit center not a cost center. Our placements consistently go on to rank as the top performers within our clients’ organizations 2) We build sustainable relationships with all of our clients and candidates and embrace a model that facilitates a genuine partnership 3) We employ a rigorous and sophisticated process built on best practices from the human capital sector • We are innovative and always strive to augment our process to meet the unique and specific needs of our diverse client base
Talent Assessment is the cornerstone of effective recruitment. It is both an art and a science requiring a professional approach that is often missing in the majority of talent acquisition campaigns. Most recruiters take a perfunctory approach to talent assessment by simply focusing on a candidate’s obvious relevant skills and experience. We believe that those attributes, while important, are only the beginning. In order to effectively assess talent, it is imperative that those interviewing candidates take a contextual approach. We do that by taking every experience a candidate has had and thoroughly analyze it in the context of their entire career. By moving beyond a candidate’s core experience and basic skill-set, we are able to look beyond the “resume” to probe into what success factors are inherent in a candidate’s “DNA”. We then juxtapose our findings with our thorough knowledge of the companies we partner with. This allows us to determine whether a candidate will be successful in a specific role. Too many recruiters gloss over this important consideration. In an effort to ensure that we establish an ideal match, we utilize best practices related to personality profiling. Using our proprietary assessment tools, we are able to identify individuals that will not only fit into our clients’ organizations but will THRIVE in their new environment. Our market talent assessment process has been so effective that we have deployed it as a separate service for companies requiring our expertise, without the need for a full search. Some of our talent assessment clients include: large corporations, private equity firms, not-for-profits, and other executive and leadership search firms.
A talent acquisition campaign cannot be successful without a solid base. Research is that base. Over the last 20 years, the digital communication revolution led by the creation and commercialization of the internet has increased the accessibility of information. Social marketing and new media have enabled companies and candidates to engage each other in a way that has never been possible. As a result, talent acquisition firms need to work harder and provide value in ways they have never had to in the past. Research has become far more qualitative and simply finding qualified candidates is no longer sufficient. We believe that research requires a lateral approach based on thinking broadly and recognising synergies that transcend industry, function, and basic skills. Our research methodology is rooted in 15 years of deep experience in the field. We take a multi-disciplinary approach that includes: Quantitative Research Methods, Corporate Strategy & Analysis, Psychology, Communications, and Sales & Marketing strategies. Constant innovation is the key to our success. Too many recruiting campaigns fail because they lack the appropriate research and data compilation/extrapolation. We strive to provide our clients with the most thorough and in-depth analysis of the market. We are known for identifying and engaging candidates that no other firm would have been able to bring forward. We are uniquely adept at inspiring and motivating candidates to consider a new opportunity. Our market research & analysis process and methodology have been so effective that we deploy it as a separate service for companies requiring our expertise, without the need for a full search. Some of our market research clients include; large corporations, private equity firms, not-for-profits, and other executive and leadership search firms.
Most firms provide little to no support post-hire. At best, clients may receive a perfunctory call within the first year. That is simply not enough. We believe that our responsibility to our clients and candidates doesn’t end once the search is over and have created a formal on-boarding program designed to help facilitate the integration and success of all our placements. Our leadership coaching model is designed to help clients and placements establish and achieve practical goals based on a 30-180 day time frame as the first 6 months in a new role are crucial. In our model, the original client manager/recruiter maintains a relationship with the client, while a separate consultant is brought in to counsel/coach the placement. This is all done to ensure that we achieve our ultimate goal – the integration and continued success of the placement.
Internal HR teams are highly effective at many tasks, often including recruitment. However, it is difficult for them to always be successful in their recruitment efforts as they are burdened with such a wide variety of tasks. In these cases, companies are required to outsource their searches to firms like ourselves. Due to an extreme level of focus and specialization on solely the recruitment side of HR, we have honed our skills to a level that allows us to guarantee success. We have taken the proven practices that we have developed and devised a formula to recruitment. Although it would be impossible to give HR teams all of our experience that makes us great recruiters, our formula can be taught and applied to increase their chances of success in recruitment. Our recruitment-training program will help increase the effectiveness of HR teams. This will reduce the amount they have to outsource their recruitment efforts and restrict it to highly specified searches.


ZEL Human Capital is a new kind of executive recruitment and advisory firm.

Our goal is to serve the senior executive, emerging talent, and
professional needs of our clients.

We believe that the executive and leadership recruitment and assessment sector has gone through a state of inflexion. Our partnership model embraces a new approach that greatly benefits our clients and candidates.





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